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Our slackline set for everyone who wants to start slacklining, and also for experienced slackliners who are interested in a lightweight travel kit. 
This set provides everything you need to set up your slackline (you just need two healthy trees). 

Our Slack-Kit has multiple advantages over generic slackline sets. 

  • Functions

    Innovative tensioning system:

    • Usually slackline sets use a rachet for tensioning, these are heavy, unreliable and not very userfriendly. With our innovative tensioning system there is no ratchet needed. 
    • Tensioning is extremely fast and easy, all you need to do is pull one time strong on the loose end. Detensioning at the end of the session is also very easy and controlled.


    Slings with integrated tree protection:

    • The slings, which are used to anchor the slackline to trees are lightweight and strong. The tree protection is sewn directly to the sling, which makes the setup easier and prevents the sling from sliding off the protection. 


    Lightweight and versatile:

    • With only 3 kg for the whole set (2.1 kg for the 15m set) the Slack-Kit is very light and perfect to take with you to university or work and set up the line after work. 
    • Once you master to walk the full length of the slackline and you are thinking about getting a longer slackline, you can re-use most of the kit and only get a longer slackline webbing. There is still a limit to how much you can tension, so you won't be able to go much further than 50m with this system, depending on webbing used and location. Contact us if you have any questions about the upgrade possibilities of this set. 
    • The Slackfriend can easily be taken out of the tensioning system and be used for rodeolining. 


    2.5 cm or 5 cm?:

    • The width of the webbing is in our Slack-Kit 2.5 cm.
    • Beginners often think that the 5 cm wide slacklines are easier for learning slacklining. In fact it doesn't matter at all if you learn slacklining on 2.5 cm or 5 cm. Usually you feel more comfortable on what you are more used to, but adapting to the thin or wide sackline takes usually only a few minutes. 
    • We decided to use 2.5 cm webbing because it is lighter than the 5 cm webbing, which also makes walking lines longer than 20m significantly easier. 
  • Tech Specs

    Slackline webbing:

    • Width: 25 mm
    • Length: 15 m or 30 m
    • Thickness: 2.5 mm
    • Weight: 56 g/m
    • MBS: 27 kN
    • MBS loop: 20 kN
    • Stretch: 11% at 10kN
    • Material: Polyester



    • Length: 2 m
    • Weight with Protection: 314 g
    • WLL: 5 kN (500 kg)
    • Material: Polyester



    • bow shackle 10mm captive pin 
    • Weight: 110g
    • WLL: 5 kN (500 kg)
    • Material: stainless steel (marine grade 316)
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