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The Slackfriend is the perfect weblock for rodeo lines and low tension park lines.

With it's innovative locking mechanism it is easy to set up, and extremely easy to pre-tension the slackline. 

It is also possible to release tension in a simple and controlled way. 

Weighing only 120g, including the connector, it is perfectly suited for your lightweight setup, which fits in every backpack.

  • Functions

    Easy pre-tensioning:

    • The innovative locking mechanism, which doesn’t require any webbing on webbing friction makes pre-tensioning way easier than conventional weblocks.


    Simple release function:

    • Releasing tension with the Slackfriend is intuitive and easy, simply pull the handle to unlock the webbing. So it is very easy to adapt the tension of your rodeo line for different body weights.


    Light weight:

    • The Slackfriend is incredibly lightweight, in the 120g the soft shackle connector is already included, that means no further heavy connectors are needed to set up your rodeo line. 
  • Tech specs


    • Length: 85mm

    • Height: 45mm

    • Width: 45mm

    • Weight: 120g

    • Approved webbing with: up to 26mm



    • WLL: 3kN

    • MBS: 20kN



    • Center diverter: 7075-T6 aircraft aluminium

    • Side plates: hard anodised 6082-T6 aluminium

    • Ring: 7075-T6 aircraft aluminium

    • Soft shackle: 5 mm SK78 dyneema


    Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

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