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The Orange is a technological masterpiece with lots of functions which makes it the perfect highline weblock. The highlights of the Orange are:
Releasable → no more soft release required
no slippage → no extra gear or complicated tie offs necessary
easy pre-tensioning → save your energy for being on the line
ISA 51 certified → you can 100% trust the Orange since it has passed the high test standards of the ISA.

  • Functions

    First releasable weblock on the market:

    • The Orange has a special design, which makes it possible (when desired) to rotate the main part of the Orange, so that it is not locking anymore on the webbing, but becomes a brake which makes it possible to release tension in an easy and controlled way. For tensions of up to 3kN, one can simply pull the webbing tail straight back and slowly feed it in, to detention the line. Releasing from more than 3kN is possible but requires a little bit extra gear and some special training.


    No slip mode:

    • After pretensioning the line, half a rotation of the Orange creates extra friction which truly locks the webbing and prevents any slippage. The tests for the ISA certification also confirmed that the Orange has zero slip. 


    Easy pre-tensioning:

    • When the Orange is in the pre-tensioning mode, it can be taken up to 6kN. In this mode you can tension by hand or with the Buckingham system. This is comparatively easy. The dedicated pretension mode made it possible to optimise the Orange to have minimal friction while pretensioning. This puts the Orange among the most efficient weblocks for pre-tensioning, and actually perhaps makes it the most efficient on the market.


    ISA 51 Certified:

    • The ISA safety commission worked for multiple years on a testprotokoll, which is designed to extensively test weblocks and make sure they are safe for highlining. The weblocks are tested in an independent test laboratory, and the weblocks which pass all the tests receive the ISA 51 safety label. We are proud that the Orange is the 3rd weblock worldwide to get certified.
  • Tech Specs


    • Length: 85mm

    • Height: 70mm

    • Width: 80mm

    • Weight: 380g

    • Approved webbing with: 24-26mm



    • MBS: 50kN

    • WLL in anti slip mode (slacklining position): 12kN

    • WLL in tension mode: 6kN

    • The Orange can be released from up to 2 kN 

    • WLL of the Outside Pin: 3kN (can be used for multiplying buckingham system)



    • Center diverter: hard anodised 7075-T6 aircraft aluminium

    • Side plates: anodised 7075-T6 aircraft aluminium

    • Main pin: A4-80 stainless steel (marine grade)

    • Outside pin: 316 stainless steel (marine grade)

    • Bolts: Zinc plated 12.9 high tensile strength steel

    • Attachment sling: 4mm SK99 MAX dyneema rope

    • Cord of pins: 3 mm SK78 dyneema


    Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

  • How to use it:

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